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PVC Floors:

Discover the benefits of PVC floors for your home - Find your ideal floor today!

These days, more and more people are choosing PVC floors for their homes. And it's not surprising, as PVC floors look like real wooden floors but don't have the drawbacks of wood. PVC floors make almost no noise when you walk on them, are easy to maintain, and last for years. Additionally, a PVC floor is much more affordable than a wooden one.

What is the ideal PVC floor for you?

If there is heating in the subfloor, a glued PVC floor is better because it adheres more tightly to the subfloor. This allows the heat to pass through the floor more quickly, making it warm sooner. With a click PVC floor, it takes a bit longer for the heat to fully penetrate the floor compared to a glued PVC floor.

Are you unsure about which PVC floor is most suitable for your home?

No problem! Our specialists are knowledgeable and reliable, and they are ready to provide you with advice. Feel free to contact Epsilon Bouw B.V., and if desired, we will prepare a customized, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific living situation. This way, you can quickly enjoy a beautiful new floor installed by professionals with extensive experience in laying PVC floors.

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